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Critical Market Alert

Pending Global Pump-And-Dump
Botched Polls Dissuade the Masses
CRITICAL ALERT: As concluded after careful review of articles in the Wall Street Journal and the information recieved from sources inside the United States Department of Treasury, the world is about to witness the greatest pump-and-dump scandal of a generation! When Britain leaves the EU and the Britain and American markets tank, the newly un-pegged Nigerian currency will soar as market makers cash in.

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Bitcoin Memory Lane

Down the Bitcoin Memory Lane Old transaction tells of a Bitcoin from not so long ago While reviewing some older transactions on my Coinbase account, I came across this particular one. $50.00 USD for 0.13072758 BTC. The going price for one whole Bitcoin at that time was $378.65. After doing some quick math, here is how that transaction compares to the current Bitcoin values:

One Bitcoin at the time of my old purchase (January 31, 2016) was worth $378.65. 
So the $50 I spent on that 0.13072758 BTC would now be worth $76.21! 
That's a ridiculously vast amount of growth in value! To put it all in perspective, let's say that I bought $1,000 of BTC (instead of the $50 BTC). With a Bitcoin growth factor of $26.21 for every $50 spent, that $1,000 would have risen to $1524.20! That's over 50% of the initial investment that would have been returned had I not sold those coins. 
Think about it. Maybe it's time you got involved. 
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