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Here is how to make 15% weekly profits on an investment of $20 or more using the viral xcoins exchange platform!

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Since the official launch of, the investor team at has been making a consistent 15% weekly return on all invested funds.

After getting bombarded by numerous requests for an explanation as to how such returns were being achieved, ResoNova Financial Partners is putting it all on the table. The following process was officially compiled and released this morning.
What you needBank account (a personal account will do for small amounts but a business account will be necessary for larger amounts when deposits/purchases approach 5,000.00 USD) Bitcoin wallet service such as Coinbase or Circle An investor account on PayPal Merchant Services Some money to invest. (From 20.00 USD and up) How to do itCreate a bank account to use for your investments Link your bank account to Coinbase or Circle an…

Why Ethereum Classic Must Die

Jacob Eliosoff is a computer programmer and former Wall Street quant who runs Calibrated Markets LLC, a cryptocurrency investment firm with holdings in BTC and ETH. In this opinion piece, Eliosoff discusses why he believes the ethereum community needs to unite around one implementation of the protocol, and why he believes it should be the version […]

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XBTUSD on Kraken Exchange
The RSI shows a bullish divergence which indicates we are about to see a break out of the current upward trending channel to an NSH. Additionally, harmonic patterns support this analysis as shown by the overlaid Fibonacci Retracements. Given the current indicators, NOW is the time to BUY Bitcoin!

(Analysis courtesy of ResoNova Signal Service)

ResoNova Investor Wisdom - August 09, 2016 at 05:54PM

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ETH vs ETC: The Big Picture

A Closer Look at the Controversy
The Ethereum Project and the supporting community are, and always have been, a strong and resilient group of intelligent and honest people who are surprisingly humble and approachable. The Ethereum Blockchain is, without a doubt, the crowning achievement of our generation. Ethereum Classic, on the other hand, was born out of malicious acts against those given to the free and decentralized world we are trying to build. In the long run, a Blockchain with a foundation in such negativity and evil intentions cannot withstand against the thriving positive energy of Ethereum. Instead of quietly and quickly reporting the discovery of those couple lines of erroneous coding to the DAO development team, the founder(s) of Ethereum Classic thought it best to exploit such vulnerability to the detriment of thousands of people around the world. When the hacker realized his attempts at exploitation might be rendered useless by the hard fork, he set out to build a commu…

Why Florida's Bitcoin Ruling Could Lead to Legislative Action

Andrew "Drew" Hinkes is counsel at Berger Singerman LLP, a business law firm in Florida. Hinkes represents companies and entrepreneurs in state and federal commercial litigation matters, representation of court-appointed fiduciaries and electronic discovery issues. In this opinion piece, Hinkes looks at the potential impact of the recent court decision in Florida that centered in […]

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