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Bitcoin Price Likely to Hit $3,500 This Year, Says Major Bitcoin Exchange Executive

Sandeep Goenka, the co-founder of Zebpay, one of India’s largest and leading bitcoin exchanges, believes that bitcoin price can reach $3,500 by the end of 2017.

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Malta Stock Exchange Plans First Blockchain Application, Establishes Own Consortium

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The Malta Stock Exchange has recently established a Blockchain committee to begin research and development into the Blockchain technology, of which is currently being researched and modified by numerous banks around the world in order to fit their banking needs.

MSE’s committee will be run by MSE board members, Blockchain experts and its Chairman, Joseph Portelli, as well as stakeholders who are familiar with Blockchain. MSE Director Dr. Abdalla Kablan will assume the role as chair of the committee and will be bringing his expertise as an “entrepreneur and academic specializing in machine intelligence, big data, analytics and computational finance.”

Portelli stated:

“Malta and the MSE are quite fortunate to have at our disposal our country’s preeminent technologist and a globally recognized expert on Blockchain technology. Dr. Kablan has a proven track record within the technology space, evidenced by his latest startup Hippo Da…

Circle Discontinues Selling Bitcoin - Former Customers Outraged

Top Global Bitcoin Supplier Shuts Down Demand expected to increase as a result Without warning, top bitcoin supplier Circle discontinued selling bitcoin through both their mobile application and their website. The only indication given as to the possible reason for this action is the notice posted for all would-be buyers which reads, "Continue to buy and sell bitcoin with our preferred partner, Coinbase."
Many sources speculate that this message indicates a deal has been made between Coinbase and Circle or that Circle has been bought out by Coinbase, however no full explanation has yet been given. Digging through the help desk of Circle only reveals the following message:
"Note: You can no longer buy and sell bitcoin through us." Considering Coinbase's long history of questionable conduct and unexplained account terminations many former Circle customers are outraged at the newly established Coinbase monopoly over the American bitcoin "buy-with-credit-card…